A fictional Woman (Usually of African-American decent) brought up as the protagonist in almost every Rap and Hip Hop song. She will usually be described as sexy Getting low and is almost always found in The Club grinding on every black man in the vicinity, making her the biggest Slut out. The term originated from artists like Eminen and Flo Rida and is usually abused to excess and has become a Cliché that should be discarded.
"Damn Shawty! You so phitt"
"Shawty get low, low, low, low, low"

"Shawty get loose so i can shag you up in da' club"

"Shawty, you a Ho!!! *Pulls trigger on the bitch*"
by Matty Treble March 04, 2012
A hip-hop term for girlfriend. In which the two have a open relation ship, no seriousness.
"Even though I'm not your man, your not my girl, I'ma call you my shawty." - Plies
by wORd_wONdER May 27, 2008
A sexy, beautiful woman that is down with and open relationship.
i know you aint my girl, but you gonna be my shawty.
by EmoishGangster August 01, 2008
1)A short t-shirt.

2)A t-shirt that has been shot.

3)What guys (usually African-American) call their girlfriend.

4)A short person.
1)Wow! That shirt is a shawty!

2)Person 1:Hey man, were you shot?
Person 2:Yeah, what gave it away?
Person 1:Your shawty has blood on it.

3)Damn shawty!! Your ass is fat!

4)Haha! Your so short ya shawty!
by nicole k. February 15, 2009
A sexy, beautiful girl

Can be used in the same way as "baby"

Often used to describe girlfriends who are a little shorter than you

Can NOT be used to refer to a boyfriend!
- Hey, shawty - wanna dance?

- Thought you would never ask!

- What's up, shawty - Wanna go cruisin' to the Skovsøen?

- Sure, baby - Remember your sunglasses!
by Rockstar_baby! April 22, 2010
A variance of the word shortie or shorty. This word is typically used by people who have gone through a thug phase. It is used to describe a fine chick of whom is shorter in stature. A shawty has to have a fine ass and knows how to spend all your hard earned drug money. You don't seem to care though cause the sex is worth it. Now if your girl doesn't like the name try a variance like, Candy Lady, white chick, Frog, little red, roach, poo poo, or my favorite... little step
Oh shawty you fine girl you wan to pop outa this cracka house?
by Big pimpin mamma juice January 15, 2009
another word for referring to a person that you either know the name of or you don't
Marcus: Ay shawty? what's that girl name over there
James: Oh that's lil shawty from around the way
by ~*~KeeKee~*~ May 18, 2006

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