A girl that many rappers seem to have sex and dance with.
T Pain- Ooh Shawty!
#shawty #shawtey #t pain #rappers #music #hahahaha
by UrbanWordz December 20, 2010
Used mostly by individuals from the Atlanta area.
Refering to a sexy female.
Refering to a friend or associate.
1) Aye shawty! Let me holla at ya.
2) Was up shawty.
3) Mann shawty you pissin me off.
by Kenyeta August 28, 2005
A) used to address sexy females
B) used to address a younger friend or syballing
A)wat up shawty u lookin straight
B)youll get there soon shawty keep ya head up
by kickak March 08, 2005
the trashy dancers commonly seen in rap videos
why is that girl so trashy?... oh right shes his shawty
#skank #most #likely #trashy #shawty
by thtcatl May 01, 2010
A shawty means a woman/lady that is fine. Men typically use this word to their girlfriend or someone they likem
Boy:Hey shawty, what we gonna talk about?
Girl:I don't know.
#shawty #shorty #boo #bae #sexy #finna
by ImShawtyToSomeone April 02, 2015
a short pereon who cant reach the top of the cookie jarr/troll with crazy hair.
Shawty can't reach reach those oreos.
#shawty #troll #cookies #shorty #trolls #hair
by Hot Stuff Stunna April 05, 2010
a term used to call something yours,

often used by guys to claim something that they want, and therefore no one else can take it since it is now theirs.
DAMMNN megan is looking fine tonight
shawty megan!
damn it, i wanted to get with her tonight
to bad man i shawtyed her first!
#mine #shouty #bittie #clam #shooty
by thedumbbitch February 18, 2011
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