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A word used by try hard fools and 'gangstaz' (another failed attempt at making yourself sound 'hard') to describe an attractive female.
Just about any of the mainstream rappers who claim to be 'keeping it real', but the last time they saw anything 'real' was the inside of a bulletproof stretched limousine and twenty bodyguards.

"Yo shawty its yo birthday. On a side note, I have a rather unappealing speech impediment, which makes me talk like an inbred mug."
by Master Morality January 02, 2010
An idiotic term used by ass-hats to describe an attractive young female.
Yo shawty u wanna kick it at da club wit me?
by Akbar-Man August 01, 2010
A term originating from rappers in Atlanta, meaning a very attractive woman; usually possessing large breasts and or a bodacious ass that grabs your eye instantly.

Often used by rapper T-Pain.

Shawty's to the left, shawty's to the goddamn right.

Id give last week's paycheck if that shawty would let me put somethin in her.
by THE WILSONATOR March 28, 2007
A hot female or your girlfriend. This term origniated in Atlanta but due to rap music's popularity it has spread to different parts of the U.S generally used in the south tho.
What it do shawty? Ay shawty you so fine. etc.
by Jersey Kid April 14, 2008
The word SHAWTY was originated in Atlanta. It is used as a PRONOUN! Not to describe a person! But as a name so if u cant think of a person's name you'd say "Man, u dont remember SHAWTY that used to live on Flat Shoals?" or just when u are refering to a person in place of he or she... It's kinda like sayin Man Dog Dawg Folk Buddy Girl
Shawty, last night me and ol' boi was at Vizion actin a straigh DONKEY!
Girl, why shawty was all up on me last night?
by AtlantaChick770 December 03, 2005
Girl with alot of rapper boyfriends, often mentioned in their songs about her, and represented my hegamonically beautiful dancer/dancers, more often than not an afican american woman.
''Shawtys like a melody in my head, got me singing like nanana everyday, got my ipod stuck on replaay'' - Iyaz

''shawty got low low low low low low low'' - flo rida

"shawtys' fire burnin fire burnin on the dance floor" - Sean Kingston

''shawty get loose'' - Chris Brown

''whatever you want shawty i give it too you'' - Justin Bieber

''shawty say im like a lollipop'' - Lil Wayne
by Joyce. January 10, 2010
Something gangster/rapper people use to name a hot or sexy girl.
"Shawty's like a melody in my head"-Replay Iyaz
by ixAwesomex3 February 17, 2010