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1)a girl that makes you crazy in love for no apparent reason

2)a classic example of a black girl name given to a white girl
1)Dude, I don't know what happened, she must have pulled a total shawntel on me

2)#1 "Who are you talkin to?"
#2 "My friend Shawntel"
#1 "Is she black?"
#2 "Nope, she's white"
by shawnie125 August 31, 2008
Is a very beautiul young woman. Her smile can light up an entire room. Has a great personality. Knows how to make people laugh and smile. Is wanted by many. Anyone guy that has her is very lucky. Is someone who knows how to love. Is very caring to her friends and family. She is just, amazing
Boy 1: hey! Who is that girl!
Boy 2: oh her, that's shawntel
Boy 1: wow she's beautiful
by Shapalapa November 20, 2013
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