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1.Shawg meaning that's "Sadd"
2.Used after "Dissing" somebody
"Dude, your ugly"
" Shawg "
by J-Dawggg July 03, 2006
Shit and "Dawg" combined

1.Used to acknowledge an insult
2.Synonymous to the world insult
He said that to you? Shawg.
Shawg on your life
You just got shawged
by m-dot. July 19, 2010
It can also be used when someone is embarrassed.
Some guy barfs all over a girl.
Observer: Shawg!
by anoniimii July 10, 2008
to be used once someone is insulted or disrespected
Hey Faggot, yer a fag
That was a shawg
by Z.Diddy December 04, 2003
Another way of saying 'whatever'
Or just an automatic reply.
Edward Cullen: I hate you.
Jacob Black: Shawg.
by Cheypie November 25, 2008
Crappy ass Iz-um that i sell to dumb ass rich kids tryin to be cool for 20 bucks a dime.
ShammYRoKK: come on buddy buy this shwag its the best u can get.

Stupid ass punk: OK dogg, im going to take it home and im going to spark it.
by Shamrokk August 05, 2004
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