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"man tamika, she sure shaved you!"
by lauren September 01, 2003
the end result of shaving.
usually refering to the pubic area
Shaved > all, except wax :)
by iTX March 06, 2004
How guys like to refer to a smooth, hairless vagina.

They are of course wrong.

Fully shaved is prickly; only waxing can get that thing smooth.

David: Damn girl, I hope you're shaved!

Abby: David, you wouldn't LIKE it if I was shaved.
by Jalopy May 22, 2007
An act of removing hair to enable a better view of a certain area.
Good god!, you'll have to strim that down a bit before you get me anywhere near it.
by Blueice January 27, 2003
to be assed

when you order something at a restaruant and they dont have the item your order you just got shaved
by shavered July 29, 2011
The ultimate way of saying "OWNED"
Guy#1: I just failed my finals
Guy#2: Man, you got shaved
by AyyBrotha December 17, 2008
A term used in the auto tuning world to describe the removal of door handles.
my hot azz ride iz bagged, slammed, AND shaved yo
by Dude I Forgot June 29, 2004
A contracted word for Saved and Shared. Used when telling someone you have "saved" documents on a "shared" directory.
I "shaved" those documents for all to see.
by KL Charlebois February 06, 2008