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Bald Pussy.
Pam had a shaved cat in her pants.
by dammit janet June 27, 2003
shaved cats are the lamest things ever. they are those wannabe skaters that are between the ages of 8 and 16. they usually have shaved heads and are short but not always. they always act really cocky even though they're losers/posers
Its often used as an insult when someone is being lame and too normal
*guys with buzz cuts on skateboards skate by*
Sophie: Oh god, its the shaved cats. I hope they choke on their hairballs

Joon: "He has a flathead. Therefore I hate him"
Julian: "ok?"
Joon: "Go die you shaved cat"

Bryan: "I'm so much cooler than you fat Asians"
Samantha: "No one likes you you're just some lame shaved cat"

Cole: "Psh I'm so much cooler than you, Joon"
Jeremy: "Go fuck yourself you shaved cat"
by A pocketfull of amazingness October 16, 2008