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Slang term defining the act of shaving a man or woman's genitalia before sex. Usually, done drunkenly, and high on cocaine, though not necessarily, but, most easily done in a bathtub, and very carefully. A sensation much like riding a roller-coaster in that, when shaving someone's pubes from their genitalia whilst drunk and/or high, dangerous outcomes naturally present themselves.
Guy(after pulling off a woman's panties): 'Damn, we're gonna have to have a shave-party before I hit that hair-hole, slaggy-face!'
Girl: 'Ok, sounds fun! Can I have another bump and a shot of tequila first?'
Guy: 'Well, sure, why not? Whyn't you go ahead and draw a bath first and I'll follow you on in with the blow. Sorry to say, but yer' kinna' funky down there too, so wash that hair-hole out real good before our little shave-party, ok, there, pancake-tits?
by coozehound72 August 17, 2010
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