to remove hair with a razor.

something ALL girls, and guys should do in the down area.
"well..that sucked.. but at least she shaved."
by eff_you June 26, 2005
Exceedingly cool. Beyond sweet.
Man, that ride is shave!
by Lalo Monett January 24, 2007
Something every woman on the planet needs to do to their snatch if they expect any self respecting man to tongue it.Should start at about age 11 for the sake of cleanliness and be mandatory by age 16 for sex.
That bitch had one hairy ass cooter, someone otta buy her a razor so she can shave that bush before someone gets lost.If its good enough for the Arab women and the Muslim women, it shud be good enough for American chicks.Even trolls do it most times.
by Jake February 01, 2004

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