to use a blade to remove the hair on your pubic area;this has its problems, a better approach is to buy a small (battery) beard trimmer and fit the spacer that leaves the hair 1/8" long. Then you can buzz the scrotum and everything else without creating any discomfort or problems. Finally you can have sex with a condom and not feel any tugging at the wrong moment. She (or you) can shave her vulva and belly and she won't be complaining about discomfort from her panties, pads or pantyliners (then telling you she'll never shave again).
Ted's girlfriend trimmed him, then trimmed herself, leaving just a narrow landing strip. Her girlfriend Ammi is Muslim and her mother taught her to remove all of her pussy hair with a sugar solution when she was just 12; she's been bare ever since.
by J.R. J. February 28, 2004
Top Definition
to use a razor or similar implement to shorten body hair down to the skin level. can be done on the scalp, face, armpits, legs, chest, or genitalia, but watch out for that ingrown stubble... ouch!
why do so many men expect women to shave their legs, pubic areas, and armpits, but then refuse to shave their own legs, etc.? It's annoyingly hypocritical...
besides, if the hair grows back after you shave it, you were probably meant to have that hair... it's called being a mammal.
by natural is sexxxy May 29, 2003
To smoke something, most commonly marijuana in the form of a joint or a blunt.
1: Hey man, you wanna check out that new chicken shop down the road?
2: Yeah sure, wanna shave these first though?
1: Yeah man, where the lighter at?
by IandIgonnatakeyouonajourney December 09, 2012
A word used in place of swearing, or any other word that is inappropriate at the moment. Can also be used to replace any verb for comic relief. Started in retaurants kitchens, to avoid trouble with a spervisor, then eventually becomes part of your everyday vocabulary
Josh, I need a blossom on the fly, the other one got shaved up!

Damn it man it just took me ten minutes to shave the last one!
by TRHKING September 23, 2011
To take ones penis on the hand and rung the head of it up and down her cheeks aswell as her facial area to mimic a electric shaver.
She was sleeping on the couch so i took that chance to pull it out and gave her a shave.
by F.J.M May 18, 2009
(see: beard)
To negate the beard insult before it is used. The 'shaved' person will usually respond with annoyance because their 'bearding' has gone 'tits up' and they have been out fooled.
Mr A:'The stars are rather bright tonight Mr B', Mr B:'Really?', Mr A:'Shave yes', Mr B:'Oh you narcoleptic omphalos, i was about to beards you, you toss vessel', Mr A:'HA HA HA (pointing at Mr B)'
by BenKenTheBest April 07, 2003
A failed attempt at screaming "Shame!" at your friend in a moment of desperation. "Shave" is now one of the many ways to bring down a horrible onslaught of shame on the "shavee" (One who gets shaved).
Stupid child: "I don't like Radiohead."
You: "Shave!"
by Hunter_song August 12, 2009
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