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A Jamaican slang... it's another word for gangsta
my brother is a real shatta.
by grenadian October 17, 2009
4.doesn't worry aways calm
5.a higer class of teen
1.wearing smelly clothes but still so fresh
2.a person so smart studying is over rated
by colette carr January 09, 2005
A middle eastern chilli sauce or relish made with hot red chillis, garlic, parsley, coriander and cumin.
I love koshari with macaroni and loads of shatta.
by Rodink September 07, 2011
gangster, or at least a person who think their gangster
i saw this shatta on da corner i just busted out laffin. Told him u just a wannabe.
by gjkidd December 29, 2007
Normally means "shutta tha fuck up" according to danny figueroa. Also used for people who tend to kill it alot like danny's chunty friends.
Hello Chuntzzy, do me a favor and shatta FUCK UP, ha ha ha.
by joe crakk August 26, 2005
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