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Best place in Britain yeh
i loves it and i hates it
by fez January 12, 2005

Shithole of a place in Hertfordshire. Has the University of Hertfordshire attached to it, the biggest campus university in the UK. All students there hate Hatfield, and the residents of Hatfield feel the same back.
God, get me out of Shatfield.
by meltie October 08, 2003
shatfield is right by ma ends in hollybush, where all the skag heads go fo a fix, proper naaasty der,
skag eds r frm shatfield
by anon April 22, 2004
A place in hertfordshire that is better than Welwyn Garden Shitty! Have it u scum!
im proud to be a shatfielder!
by sexy-pig March 28, 2003