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Scottish for 'shit'. The 't' is usually silen(t).
"Awwwww, shate" (Scot.)
"Oh, shit" (Eng.)
by Mather September 13, 2003
a stronger way of saying you hate someone! I.E Shitting Hate.
"I Shate you're guts!!!"
by nate dogg86 July 25, 2012
a person who is abnormally short with a very short temper. always ready to stab a bitch when she gets the chance. a good mini body guard.
"i want to cut that bitch for callin me short"

"you are such a shate' "
by the shiznig August 18, 2009
Finely granulated shit in the form of shale which has settled at the bottom of the toilet for a while which has hardened into a form of slate, hence shate. This can be seen in some toilets as it's known to be unflushable without the help of a toilet brush and some people don't bother cleaning their toilets so they have shate forming on the bowl.
Someone would say, "does that guy ever clean his toilet, the bowl is encrusted with shate!"
by The Typical Aussie Bloke July 26, 2009
past tense of the word shit
'damn i really enjoyed that shate'
by OsiRis January 20, 2004
stupid or very retarded
often a drunk or a high person
a state of mind and stupidity
"look at that shate"
"yeah thats a real jackass"
by jim July 02, 2003
A shit mate. A shate will not cherish one's friendship and will occasionally piss people off.
Guy: I told you not to fuck her brudda!
Guy2: yeah sorry man, I'm a shate
by woberhawwison July 02, 2011
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