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A cool person
Kijuan you a shata
by Xande Frith November 01, 2003
A kannada word used in general. The dictionary meaning pubic hairs. cool people use it to express dislike to a situation or a person.
A: Hey sisya wats up
B: Shata man.
by Vinky November 01, 2007
literally means pubic hairs, but is most often used to describe any time pass act / irresponsible act
when thers is no power, what you were doing since morning.? trnslation - bellige inda current ilde idru, ninen shata terita iditya illi?
by no entry July 10, 2008
Acromym for an Organization dedicated for Extreme Scientific Activities- "Super Human Activities for Technological Advancement"(R), JNNCE, Navule, Shivamogga.
Alu: Hi Preethu where is Mada working now man?
Preethu: SHATA man.
by preethu.tootu September 03, 2008
Prefix to the words "fuck up". Commonly used when telling people off.
Police:"You do know you were doing 60 in a 35 zone right?"

You: "Do you know Shata?"


You:"Shata Fuck Up!"
by Lathan selil March 22, 2010