shat, a clean version of the word shit, meant to be said out loud during school.
Tommy: *dropped his books* SHAT!
Tommy: Shat, its not bad!
by [Ak]47> October 24, 2009
The past tense for the word shit
guy1: maaaaan, like man, i like shat yesterday, and maaahn it was like huge man!

guy2: .....i guess you had to be there...and uh, im not your "man", buddy

girl: ....EW
by fzwpabloguy April 10, 2009
To deficate . Do a number two.
Exuse me your Highness i must go to the smallest room in the palace , i laughed so much at your joke i think ive shat myself
by tallboy61 April 05, 2009
1. The past tense of shit.
2. 5's (gum) flavor Elixer
3. Shat wrappers subsitute for dicks for when you need a moment to JUST JERK OFF!
1. I just shat.
2. Ally- It tastes like SHAT!
3. Ashley- *playing with shat wrapper*
Dakota- Quit jacking your shat!
by TheShatGang March 22, 2009
a term sometimes used in Scottish inner cities.
worse than pissed. (ie. excessively drunk)
we all got absolutely shat last night
by Mr.mash June 18, 2008
past tense of shit usually used in place of shit but acutally the past tense of it .
holy shat did you see that crash ?!

no no .. when it happened i think i shat my pants .
by xxjloftxx June 16, 2008
(verb) past tense of shit
Yesterday I shat so much, my ass hurt.
by Penis McGee Gilligan II February 14, 2008

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