- Past tense of taking a shit.
- I just shat myself.
#shit #poop #crap #dump #deuce
by taxi service July 08, 2009
pass tense of to shit. instead of i shitted.
bob: dude i just shitted!
dylan: no dude u shat
bob: oh! dude i just shat!


bob: (jumps at dylan from around the corner scaring him) boo!
dylan: ah dude u scared me
bob: haha u shat
#shit #jumps #scared #behind #corner #to take a shit
by bakerbro May 05, 2009
Shit in past-tense
The dog shat about an hour ago.
#shit #shat #past tense shit #past-tense shit #shatt
by westernwishes February 08, 2009
The past tense of shit, see shit
I shat in my pants the other day.
#shit #crap #crapped #poop #pooped
by JOLIVIA October 16, 2006
Originally the past tense of "to shit," but shat has evolved into something more. Shat doesn't share the harsh connotations of "shit," nor does it share it's seriousness.

Shat can be used in multiple fashions, such as "shatty," "shatting," "shatness," and even "shatmaster." It's uses are ambiguous, so even more exotic fashions of use are still evolving.
Shat nub, that shatty movie was, by far, the shattiest shat I've ever seen. It's shatness equaled 1000 Jack Thompson's in a single room. I fucking hate that shatting shatmaster.
#shat #shatty #shatting #shatness #shatmaster
by Devin Torres December 15, 2005
Shoot, Past tense, ghetto style
Yo fool i was shat last week but now i'ma pop some caps in yo.
by Tyrell Johnson July 21, 2004
A girl or a guy who doesn't really look good at all, meaning he or she is worse that shit.
"damn man, Keisha is Shat!"
by Laila March 30, 2004
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