Shoot, Past tense, ghetto style
Yo fool i was shat last week but now i'ma pop some caps in yo.
by Tyrell Johnson July 21, 2004
how people with lateral lisps say "sat"
"My legsh were getting quite tired, so I shat down."
by the sane maniac January 31, 2004
A word for shit used by weird kids from the north.
A girl from cinn. says to her friend:
i just shat....
by josie stevens November 05, 2003
The radio friendly way of saying "Shit"
That was so silly I just shat my ditee!
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
leaky poo
Bobby: "Is that diarrhea or shat?"
Sally: "it's clearly shat man, he just drank a lot of tomato juice today."

Kristofer: "A bird just shat on my leg!"
Erin: "Wow, that is a pretty leaky poo."
by ernogurr May 08, 2011
shit chat
Everyday I listen to the same old shat about hairbrushes, the calorie content of food and what their hamster did last night
by Driven senseless April 21, 2011
an amalgamation of the words 'Shit' and 'Chat'
when someone says something terrible or generic a reply can simply be one word:


usually shouted at the top of ones voice
by suchghat April 16, 2011

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