When someone takes a crap either in there pants, on the ground, or anywhere else.
Johnny was too lazy to walk to the bathroom, so he took a shat on the couch.
by babiigirl926 May 05, 2011
the past-tense form of the verb "to shit"
kb shat four times today
by bj for ever November 08, 2009
the past tense of shit, when used as a verb.
that guy just shat all over the walls in there.
by al_samson March 28, 2009
the past tense of shit.
also related to "shet"
He shat his pants.Oh,shit man,he is shatting himself.
by Jagow January 24, 2008
Past tense form of the word shit, shitted is also a synonym for the word shat
"Jack shat out in the field"
by ianimal June 28, 2007
the tense of shit which is in the past
"Mrs. Blumberg shat her pants"
made by Chris Kennedy in gym class
by jeff o. March 27, 2005
how people with lateral lisps say "sat"
"My legsh were getting quite tired, so I shat down."
by the sane maniac January 31, 2004

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