the past tense of the word shit. used to tell where u might have taken a shit before.
dude he shat in my pants
by trambrocool September 03, 2010
The past tense of the verb: To Shit
Damn! My dog just shat all over the living room carpet! I'm screwed!
by wendel. June 02, 2009
Past tense of shit. To defecate, poop, crap, etc. Some consider it poor language/grammar. Other past-tenses for shit: shit, shitted.
Capcom took the Megaman X Series' storyline and shat all over it and rubbed it around.
by RandomGuy April 17, 2004
verb: the past tense of "shit"; to have taken a shit
1. "I'm constipated; I haven't shat in 3 days!"

2. Upon smelling a really nasty fart: "Ewe...who shat themself?"

3. "When I shat this morning I clogged up the toilet."
by Shebly Blair July 01, 2009
The pastense of s--t.

My brother shat then wiped himself with my cell phone
by Brodey Moran December 29, 2007
to be defecated upon, Old English Style
"Wherefore art thou good maid? I seemed to have shat myself on this oh, so dreary of days, and now require to be bathed, once again my good servant."
by Rebecca and Carol July 13, 2003
An expression of approval that conveys the unwavering and commanding presence of actor William Shatner, particularly for his portrayals of Captain James Tiberius Kirk on the original Star Trek television series and T.J. Hooker on the police-drama television series of the same name.

It's like Scotty beamed down the words "cool," "awesome," "bitchin," "sick," "ill," "groovy" and "sweet" and combined them into one super-powered endorsement of awe and wonder.
"That show last night was shat!"

"Shat beans, bro."

"Nothing ever seems to raise his ire or get his dander up. He's got to be the shattest man I've ever met."
by Shatman Crothers June 25, 2013

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