past tense form of shit
Person 1: "Last night I shat at my girlfriend's house."
Person 2: "Nice!!! How big was it?!"
Person 1: "Bigger than the average poop, it hurt a little, but not quite as much as being sanduskitized
by pickywick21 November 19, 2011
The past tense of shit. Also used as a more "classy" form of shit.
I fear I have shat my pants, due to an excess of pheasant!
via giphy
by Elizabeth Grey July 08, 2016
Shit in a past tense. Or to defecate in past tense.
I only shat once since drinking that saltwater concoction
by Lozzerr May 29, 2013
short for 'shattered'
You: There was no more pizza at the canteen!
Me: Aww, shats for you
by gretel851 March 05, 2011
to crap/poop your pants for example when your trying to squeez out a stubborn fart.
oh shit! i shat myself!!
by babyleans September 14, 2013
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