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as one is to shit is that of to have shat
for i have shat the shit
81 93
Term used when somebody is humiliated by you or another individual. Best used to scream at somebody real loud.
Teacher: Bob pay attention! Stop Sleeping in my class!

Bob's friend: Bob just got shat on!!!!
by J3SS3 April 24, 2006
138 152
Shat is when you wanted to fart, but you shit too.
Bryan was trying to push out a fart when he accidentally shat myself
by bunta September 27, 2005
5 19
1. n. dried fruit jerky
2. adj. used to describe anything resembling total bullshit, dried fruit jerky, or shit itself, in a good way.
(1) This shat tastes mad good!
(2) Your face looks like shat.
by k.nin3 August 31, 2006
6 23
To shit in one's mouth.
I "shat" in your fucking mouth!
by anonymous January 08, 2003
5 24