past tense of the verb "shit"
While walking through the mall,Kelly's mom tore ass and shat herself.
by Bongwater April 15, 2004
Past tense of shit
AHHHXXX! De burd shat on meh! (Scootish accent)
by 420 May 15, 2003
to say something is shitty, past tense of shit
shat tomatoes
by elcool March 30, 2003
to shit but a funny way of saying it
i just shat myself
by Cook February 25, 2003
Shat is suppose to be used in the past tense for shit. In today's generation, the children use shat replacing shit because they think it's "cool" you know what else is cool.. not saying shat, that shit is weak.
omg this nigga just SWAGGED on my dumbass for sayin "shat" i don't think it's cool anymore, i learned my lesson
by SWAG-MAN November 16, 2010
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