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\shatt\ (V.) Past tense of the word "shit".
{Two guys at a local ice hockey rink}
(Guy 1): Where's Donald?

(Guy 2): He called me on his cell a little while ago. Said that he douched out on the ice on the way here and shat himself, and that he had to run home and change his pants because he didn't want to smell like shit.

{From a phoney-bologna Christmas song I came up with in late-2011}
...Then how the reindeer hated him,
As they shat themselves with fear (again!)
Rudolph the fucking reindeer,
Have a real fucked-up new year!!!
by Telephony February 09, 2012
(verb) past tense of shit
Yesterday I shat so much, my ass hurt.
by Penis McGee Gilligan II February 14, 2008
Shat is shit refering to ur poop which comes out of ur crack also can come in vareity of colors such as green brown indgo yellow etc
Holy shat u look like a shazzzberry in the greig
by Yander Yon vinklestien January 30, 2008
its actual meaning is to seat someone at a table in a restaurant.
"i just shat"
what you mean to say: "i just sat"
by wowen June 25, 2007
If two of the ugliest shoes made - Crocs and Uggs - had a love child.

Shats is just one letter away from shit.

See: Crocs (a few letters off crap), and Uggs (a few letters off ugly)
"SHATS! NEW!! Plus side: water resistant. Down side: May attract wild bears."
by Megizzleasaurus January 12, 2007
Nickname for Star Trek and T.J. Hooker star William Shatner.
Hey, can we get another box for Shat to stand on? His hairpiece is barely in the shot!
by bathyscaph July 22, 2004
Shat ( ''pronounced'' shat). Though this is not Old English, it is the past participle of s--t. From Anglo-Saxon (Old English) ''bescätan'', "befowled".
Austin and Nigel Powers: "And then she shat on a turtle" (written in subtitles).
by Knighshade July 10, 2004