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The act of masturbating while defecating.
I was in such a rush this morning that I was forced to shasturbate,.
by vink pink February 10, 2005
The act of shitting and masturbating simultaneously
Adam went to the bathroom to shasturbate. Won't see him for awhile
by Gumbooo March 21, 2014
The act of masturbating while taking a shower. The wetness and steaminess makes it feel amazing, yet it usually takes a little longer to have an orgasm. It is also very efficient in terms of cleaning yourself off afterwards.
Ron: "Bro, I just shasturbated while thinking about Emma Watson!"

Daniel: "Nice, dude, that must have felt awesome! Shasturbation is the best!"
by fapfapfap458 November 26, 2011
The act of masturbating in the shower
Hey i have to shower later tonight, so don't Shasturbate before i do!
by The Kali Kid February 17, 2009
When one masturbates using their own shat as lubricant.
I couldn't find the lotion anywhere so I shasturbated!

I was wiping my ass and accidentally got some shit on my hand so I decided to shasturbate.
by LeDouche September 03, 2007
To shit and masturbate at the same time.
For christ sake Jacob you've only gone and shasturbated up the wall .
by Accidictal June 07, 2016
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