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The act of masturbating while defecating.
I was in such a rush this morning that I was forced to shasturbate,.
by vink pink February 10, 2005
87 19
The act of masturbating while taking a shower. The wetness and steaminess makes it feel amazing, yet it usually takes a little longer to have an orgasm. It is also very efficient in terms of cleaning yourself off afterwards.
Ron: "Bro, I just shasturbated while thinking about Emma Watson!"

Daniel: "Nice, dude, that must have felt awesome! Shasturbation is the best!"
by fapfapfap458 November 26, 2011
2 3
The act of masturbating in the shower
Hey i have to shower later tonight, so don't Shasturbate before i do!
by The Kali Kid February 17, 2009
4 11
When one masturbates using their own shat as lubricant.
I couldn't find the lotion anywhere so I shasturbated!

I was wiping my ass and accidentally got some shit on my hand so I decided to shasturbate.
by LeDouche September 03, 2007
8 44