of the shasticas family, commonly founds in woods and swamps
huffin and a puffin like a shasta beast
by eric charles wright May 01, 2006
When more than one person arrives independently and nearly simultaneously at the answer to a problem or query (usu. of an arcane or perhaps geeky nature). May also be used as an interjection. Cf. jinx.
"Each of you tweeted the answer at about the same time -- it was a shasta."

Person A (shouting): "The answer is T. DeWitt Talmadge."
Person B (just as loudly, at nearly the same instant): "The Reverend Doctor Talmadge!"
Person C: "Shasta!"
by bibliophagist April 16, 2008
"shasta" the secret or code name when around a female for having to or havin tookin a SHIT.
Hey Roman, I took the biggest shasta ever!
my stomach is buggin, I think I half to take a "shasta".
by Devin Gahm April 05, 2006
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