of the shasticas family, commonly founds in woods and swamps
huffin and a puffin like a shasta beast
by eric charles wright May 01, 2006
Term used to describe a straight girl who occasionally chooses to take on the appearance of a lesbian.
Did you see Sara this weekend? She was totally shasta.
by More Jacksoner March 06, 2011
A more plesant way to say that you're gonna go release a vowel movement.

-A massive shit.

-The act of taking a dump
1. I'll be back Jim, i gotta go take a Shasta!

2. Paco is always in the restroom, he's the shasta king!
by Ronbrown December 04, 2013
To poke someone with one to four fingers in the anus. Only to be done with bottoms on while saying "SHASTA". or "I heard you like it up the butt" depending on the response if its a women you can tell their sex noise, if they like anal or if they are completly appauled. If it is a man you can tell if they are homosexual, bi-curious or Straight. It is possible to hear a mans sex noise while performing the shasta but it may be misconstrued.
Heather performes a "shasta" on Charlie. Charlie sqeals in delight. She obviously likes it up the butt :). Another example would be... Heather performes a "shasta" on Mini Zec Efferon. He jumps and smiles. He too enjoys anal. But do not performe the Shasta while in the presence of Mrs. Mechling for she will write you up, you will get suspended and you will be sent to MTI for your time of suspension.
by Heather Proctologist April 12, 2011
a cheap brand of soda
a girl described as being cheap or easy
Wow, I wonder how Francesca gets all those guys?
Because she's a shasta! Duh!!!

I only have a few cents and i'm really thirsty!
Buy a can of Shasta!!!
by ERH January 31, 2008
(1)The state of being...nothing more to it, just being there in space mentally. (2)Like being stuck in the space between thoughts. (3) Being very simple.
Why you acting so shasta?
by nunyabidness01 April 13, 2009
female version of a male tool , aka a female douche bag, female Guido.

A girl who thinks she's got an A game but to everyone else she's trying to hard and missing it badly.. terrible boob job, bad bleach job, and clothes way too small and way too wrong for her body type
That chick at Rehab thought she looked like Pam Anderson.. what a shasta!

Who's that Shasta hanging with the bros?
by Crystal & Misti January 14, 2009
euphimism to denote the profanatory term shit
-Lear found herself in charge with doctors rg and bb, 47 patients in the waiting room, and severe lackage of nursing staff and she began to mumble Ahhh shasta... not the soda!!!!

-Shasta rooms 1-33.
by hell to the yeh dixie ass June 15, 2008

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