noun A dreamy blonde woman whose tenuous relationship with reality enables her to exist as a drifting cloud, floating aloft in a nebulous manner, not quite solid and always slightly vague.
verb to sha sha, meaning to let one's mind wander and skippity-skip and tra-la-la
noun She realised after reading The Little Mermaid that one doesn't need to marry a handsome prince when one is a sha sha.
verb As a form of meditation, she sha sha-ed for 20 minutes every morning instead of depressing herself by reading the newspaper.
by Sha Sha May 18, 2004
Top Definition
1.Shasha is how you would describe a girl that means the whole world to you, you would do anything to keep her because you just know shes the one, extremely beautiful girl in every way(personailty and actual beauty). A shasha is one who keeps her man happy without even trying. In other words a shasha would be the the perfect girl for a man.
friend: are you ever gonna dump your girl?
guy: NO! are you crazy?! shes a shasha. im probably going to marry her.
by 4eva<321 April 24, 2011
Soft, tender, romantic girl - utterly beautiful, artisticly sound.
Her art spoke with confidence and might - as though it had been created by sha sha herself.
by Craig Ashley Morgan May 23, 2004
Dale Gribbles battle cry.
"ShaSha" screamed dale
by omenboy June 19, 2003
how you feel after listening to ben kweller. that's just how it should be. sha sha. sha doo. in short its fun to say and repeat.
don't bother me when i'm watching planet of the apes on tv. sha sha. sha doo.
by christina February 07, 2004
referring to 'shakira' the spanish singer that sings waka waka, loca, gyspy & more songs.

sha sha or shasha is an abbreviated term that referrs to shakira, the singer.
by shashalover January 12, 2011
sha sha sha ddddoooooooooooo

aka "the good ben kweller album"
'my way' aint no 'sha sha' y'all
by Amy June 03, 2004
A substance that when ingested, injected, or inhaled, causes a sparked euphoric state. 2. n. A term for getting high.

sparked wasted blown
"Hey do have any sha-sha?"

"...Gone off that sha-sha."
by Tiffany Green January 11, 2005
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