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The word that means you shitted and farted at the same time!
Maddie wanted to fart soooooo bad that she Sharted instead!
by Allie Mata January 01, 2006
when u try to fart but cack your pants instead, can also be known as gravy pants.
" hey, listen to this baby!!" followed by a large squelch between the crotch sound and a murmured Oops!!
by katie-jo March 26, 2004
Fart gone really really extremely BAD.
shopping for steaks . . .

Cheryl : We gotta go now.
Trudy : Why ?
Cheryl : Fart gone bad.
Trudy : What???
Cheryl : I sharted !!!!!
by Courtney 21 October 29, 2006
Refers to someone who shits and farts at the same time
dude that lady in the next stall totally sharted
by J.J.B November 04, 2007
a shart is when you got gas followed by some mud then just a little more gas.
mike just sharted on his bike
by webster-d December 24, 2008
when u try to fart and a little shit comes out
Dude we gotta go i sharted, ??, tryed to fart and little shit came out
by steadler0 February 19, 2008
when you fart and a mess happens
Tim laughed so hard that he sharted!
by AwesomeBananaz September 30, 2011