Cross between a fart and a shit. Where you think your just going to be doing a ripper of a fart but it contains undesirable solid matter.
John: Man Im hungover, this greasy burger is great! Think I need to fart though.

Silence......fart noises.

John: Ah no that was a shart!

Paul: Man thats fucking disgusting!

John: Shit yeah, I better go do the wipe test and change my undies!

Paul: Pwoarrr!! That stinks, fuck off!
by Chopper2010 September 11, 2010
When you push too hard to fart and end up shitting your drawers.
Shart philosophy seen on bathroom wall:

Here I sit all broken hearted, came to shit but only farted.
Then one day I took a chance, went to fart and shit my pants.
by Markwonder March 03, 2011
A fart where you actually deficate yourself by trying too hard
I just sharted myself
by mc sharter September 02, 2010
when you shit and fart all at the same time
Ken Brooks drank too much and sh-arted in his pants
by Dionne December 18, 2004
An attempt to impress friends with a huge gas bomb while inadvertantly seeping liquid and/or solids into ones under garments. Most likely ending with discarding our underwear.
by NVV March 26, 2012
A fart that turns shitty
The dude sharted and left a spot on my couch when he was trying to make out with me. When I asked him to leave he had a huge wet stain on his ass..omg!!!
by moowillie February 22, 2011
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