What happens when you think you have to fart but a little shit pops out when you fart. Damn, I just sharted!
"I have to go home and change my underware because I just sharted."
by ggrab4884 September 07, 2009
The definition is pretty obvious...Shitting and farting, etc, etc...but whats important to point out is that johnnyb is a dumb shit. Jack Black wasn't in 'Along Came Polly', it was Philip Seymore Hoffman...you dumb shit..
It wasn't Jack Black in that movie johnnyb...so go eat a shart sandwich!
by e!n3R August 01, 2004
when you fart & end up with more then you bargined for.
Timmy was laying on the bed after coming home from a hard day of school and decided to let one rip. When Timmy realized what he had done he yelled "Mom, I sharted!!" which lead to his mom promptly cleaning it up.
by DD >double d's< xD August 21, 2009
1: To force a fart out to a point shit goes through at the same time.
2: To loose a stupid gamble
3: Adj. to look stupid
Breakfast and lunch are to brunch what shit and fart are to shart.
This guy sharts (looks stupid)
cursword: Shaaaaaaart (instead of shit)
by Skymitch April 29, 2005
Shit and Fart combined to make the word Shart.
In my school some one wrote Dude I Just Shart on the bathroom wall.

And two times in my school I walked into the bathroom and saw Sharted boxers thrown in a corner, the bathroom was later closed off and cleansed.
When You Eat a lot of Taco Bell and Fart and also discover that you shit your pants.
Everybody has Sharted at least once or twice in there lifetime.
Don't lie you have Sharted yourself one time.
People who Shart themselves tend to smell like Aquil
Duded I Just Shart.
Chuck Norris Just Shart Your Pants.
While Kyle Was Jacking Off He Shart His Pants.
Timmy Got Exited About Christmas And Shart Himself.
When Alex Was Having Sex He Shart his pants And His Girlfriend Left Him.
by SpankyMcSpanky October 09, 2009
An extraction from the asshole that can cause great muscle pain. Mixture of shitting and farting at once that may cause an uncomfortable dispositioning in your pants.
"Dude I just sharted my pants."
"That shart smells like tuna."
by LT Ram September 03, 2009
fart and shit put together
u ****ing shart
by katie January 20, 2004
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