when u go to fart and push to hard and crap your self.usualy by accident.unless ur a loser and do this for fun.
sorry man,i sharted on your cat.

i love to shart.

sharting smells
by Jahova Witness man January 29, 2005
Noun: The solid waste expressed from the anus during an attempted gas excretion fart.

Verb: The act of shitting yourself when attempting to fart.

The origin of the word is officially credited to T. Wember (circa 1987) after observing his roommate's girlfriend attempt to sneak one by.
Holy crap! The bitch just Sharted!
by tjpw February 06, 2008
when you try to fart, but some shit comes out. a shart
dude. i think i just did a shart.
by Dominic Lui May 13, 2008
A word made when someone tries to fart, but ends up pooping. This will usually result in the persons pants becoming soaked with poo.
EW! I just tried to fart but I actually sharted!
by Sarah A November 06, 2006
To feel an explosion of gas about to shoot out except shit spit fires with juice all down your leg.
1. Coco I feel so bloated, maybe I have gas..let me try and release my air...ahhhhhhh holy shit, I just sharted everywhere.

2. Please, don't make me laugh anymore..I swear I'm going to fart..Oh my god here it comes..oh nooo I just shart and it went through my pants.

3. AAAAAAHHHH CHHHUUUUU...F@#$ I'm crying because I just sharted!
by I SLEPT WITH NELLY! March 09, 2006
\shärt\ n 1 : a fart, or any form of flatulence, in which fecal matter, in any state is released 2 : the physical remnants of a shart
\shärt\ v : the act of sharting - sharted - sharting
1: "What was that?" "A shart." 2: "It smells like shart in here." 3: "I've got to shart!" 4: "I just sharted!" 5: "Yes, that's me, I am sharting."
by Mr. Magou December 17, 2005
To emit gas and #### at the same time, usualy messing up your pants very badly
I sharted in GODJOEY's face
by I don't need a name November 16, 2004

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