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To feel an explosion of gas about to shoot out except shit spit fires with juice all down your leg.
1. Coco I feel so bloated, maybe I have gas..let me try and release my air...ahhhhhhh holy shit, I just sharted everywhere.

2. Please, don't make me laugh anymore..I swear I'm going to fart..Oh my god here it comes..oh nooo I just shart and it went through my pants.

3. AAAAAAHHHH CHHHUUUUU...F@#$ I'm crying because I just sharted!
by I SLEPT WITH NELLY! March 09, 2006
120 16
when u go to fart and push to hard and crap your self.usualy by accident.unless ur a loser and do this for fun.
sorry man,i sharted on your cat.

i love to shart.

sharting smells
by Jahova Witness man January 29, 2005
139 35
when you try to fart and a lil shit comes out.

pronounciation: she-art. but really fast, loud, and southernly retarded.
o lord i think i just sharted in my pants.
by the shyyts. March 22, 2009
132 29
Act of farting a wet fart at which point you shit ur pants unexpecdedly causing mass embarrassment and requiring a fresh set a underwear and a throu cleaning of ur dick,balls,and ass this will usually happen at a resturant or in ur cat
Dude did u see frank shart last week it was so fucking funny dude
by wolfwind March 06, 2009
152 48
A word made when someone tries to fart, but ends up pooping. This will usually result in the persons pants becoming soaked with poo.
EW! I just tried to fart but I actually sharted!
by Sarah A November 06, 2006
120 17
Not quite a shit, not quite a fart, but maaaaannnnnn...

So to answer your question I dunno.
Some come here all broken hearted,
I came to shit, but only sharted
(written on toilet door)
by dancer01 March 10, 2005
165 62
chuck anderson's most common action
while playing poker chuck anderson's sharted
by Cukoo Puffs May 09, 2006
124 24