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When you fart and shit comes out with it
Ben sharted his pants after he forced a fart.
by rebelwith a cause April 29, 2006
The horrible thing pugs (and other dogs) do while they sleep.
A wet mess that smells like fish and shit.
Clean up involves lots of soap and hot water applied to his tail, legs, and asshole.
Bubba, did you shart again?!
by eekbaby July 10, 2008
When one farts and shit comes out too. Often reffered to as a wet fart.
I have to go and change my boxers. I just sharted!

I just sharted in my friends soup and he ate it!
by Andrew March 23, 2005
Well, its when you have to fart, but after you fart you farted a little to hard (one should be especially cautious if they have not taken a shit in the last 10 hours) so a small piece of shit comes out. It may stick to your underpants or stay lodged inside your butthole.
i sharted my pants
by butt licka January 24, 2004
To fart and sh-t at the same time.
Jess: Eww

Sara: What?

Jess: I just sharted and I feel smelly.

Sara: Eww!

Jess: I know, right?
by Sara Shay June 30, 2009
The act of forcing a fart out of the anal region of the human body and accidentally losing control of bowels. Once this occurs, a feeling of utter disgust will be inflicted on said person who committed this act. There are many options on how to deal with this situation. A common solution for many people is to immediately find a lavatory or restroom facility of some sort. Check the underwear for any fairly large pieces of fecal matter. Remove said fecal matter and wipe your buttocks and any other affected areas clean with toilet paper that is provided. Forcing out a fart is very risky. It is not recommended to do at social gatherings.
Even though Winchester can fart on command, he sharted after eating a White Castle Crave Case.

Molly could not take the pressure of keeping in a fart, so she blew one and ended up sharting.

Richard is prone to shart anytime someone scoops his man tits.

Bradley knew a fart was building up inside of him. With an atmosphere full of humor, he could not resist breaking wind. He did not know that his rectum was full of feces. Without hesitating, he let one out and suddenly a wet floppy sound came from him. At that moment, everyone stopped laughing and were disgusted. Bradley just sharted. He risked getting his pants dirty. He risked losing his dignity.
by superpooper June 16, 2008
A fart with "substance"
Aw lawd, i sharted on the lawn and used it as bait to catch deer
by RetyTheLlama February 03, 2008