To fart and sh-t at the same time.
Jess: Eww

Sara: What?

Jess: I just sharted and I feel smelly.

Sara: Eww!

Jess: I know, right?
by Sara Shay June 30, 2009
a shitty fart
u heave out a treacle tart and find it out to be a big wet mass on the inside of your pants
i squeeeeeeezzzed then oooop gotta run man i just sharted
by george johnston June 21, 2007
Act of farting a wet fart at which point you shit ur pants unexpecdedly causing mass embarrassment and requiring a fresh set a underwear and a throu cleaning of ur dick,balls,and ass this will usually happen at a resturant or in ur cat
Dude did u see frank shart last week it was so fucking funny dude
by wolfwind March 06, 2009
the act of going to fart just a little
when all of a sudden a little bit of
diareah comes out.therefor you have sharted in your pants or wherever you are.this is not a good thing to
do because it does not smell too good.
i went to toss his salad but when i was taking off my clothes,i sharted and IT went everywhere!
by watts..lovee December 28, 2007
to fart and shit ur pants at the same time but only a lil shit comes out
zebedee sharted because he dont fit in the shitter cause he is a fat fuck defined in as zebedee under z
by BIG_A April 03, 2005
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