When one attempts to fart but shit is simultaneously ejected whilst farting.
I know it happens to everyone, but you can't admit that you just sharted; make up an excuse to go home and change your undies.
by mistermic May 26, 2006
the act of which 1 disasterously shits him or herself in an attempt to push gas out their ass aka the hershey squirt
so you think youre kinda smart and you thought it was a fart.....
by d-rock represesntin shartin March 01, 2005

to shit and fart simultaneously.
- joe blow sharted so bad, dude, the whole church smelled like rotten eggs!

-"dude, I'll be right back, I need to shart so bad."
by Charles P. Hinkerton August 25, 2007
When you fart and shit comes out with it
Ben sharted his pants after he forced a fart.
by rebelwith a cause April 29, 2006
The act of waiting for your girlfriend to go to the bathroom so that you can fart, but in attempting to do so you shit yourself, yell at your girlfriend to get out of the bathroom and then throw your shitty underpants out of her window and take a shower (even if you just took one).
"I sharted this morning and had to throw out my favorite silk boxers."
by Antoine December 14, 2004
The horrible thing pugs (and other dogs) do while they sleep.
A wet mess that smells like fish and shit.
Clean up involves lots of soap and hot water applied to his tail, legs, and asshole.
Bubba, did you shart again?!
by eekbaby July 10, 2008
a cross between a shit and a fart. A 'wet fart' with lumps
in it is considerd a "SHART" .
I just had a shart. Where's the nearest bathroom so's I
can wipe my ass and flush my gynch down the toilet.
I just sharted. Does anyone have
some asswipe?
by MAGMAN March 23, 2007

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