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v.,n. - to accidentally shit oneself while attempting to fart
I accidentally sharted myself.

Did I get some shart on you?
by Sean September 10, 2004
Well, its when you have to fart, but after you fart you farted a little to hard (one should be especially cautious if they have not taken a shit in the last 10 hours) so a small piece of shit comes out. It may stick to your underpants or stay lodged inside your butthole.
i sharted my pants
by butt licka January 24, 2004
Shit-fart, i.e. combination of a shit and a fart.
After I had egg, scrapple and coke, I had to shart.
by Jon D. December 20, 2002
Noun: The combination of the solid waste and gas excreted from the anus simultaneously.

Verb: The act of excreting shit and gas while farting!
The origin of the word "shart" is credited to L. M. Crowley (1986) after observing her brother excrete a little extra something along with his explosive gas after after a night of endulgence at the turkey testical festival.

Holy Crap! The idiot just sharted!
by T wember February 07, 2008
Noun: The solid waste expressed from the anus during an attempted gas excretion fart.

Verb: The act of shitting yourself when attempting to fart.

The origin of the word is officially credited to T. Wember (circa 1987) after observing his roommate's girlfriend attempt to sneak one by.
Holy crap! The bitch just Sharted!
by tjpw February 06, 2008
A surprising expulsion of poop that occurs during the farting process
Jane and I were napping together after filling ourselves with bean burritos and getting drunk off beer earlier in the day at El Charro’s. We were supposed to meet my parents for dinner at 7:30, and I didn’t want to not show up because first of all my parents generally have a big stick up their asses and second they wanted to meet Jane for the first time. The alarm was supposed to ring at six, but one of us set the damn thing incorrectly so we kept dozing until Jane snapped out of it around 7. Girls can wake you up in funny ways sometimes, and old Jane was a funny one. What she did was she climbed on top of me and sharted all over my face. I knew she meant to fart, so I wasn’t mad.
by Rj-C November 27, 2007
\shärt\ n 1 : a fart, or any form of flatulence, in which fecal matter, in any state is released 2 : the physical remnants of a shart
\shärt\ v : the act of sharting - sharted - sharting
1: "What was that?" "A shart." 2: "It smells like shart in here." 3: "I've got to shart!" 4: "I just sharted!" 5: "Yes, that's me, I am sharting."
by Mr. Magou December 17, 2005
Act of farting a wet fart at which point you shit ur pants unexpecdedly causing mass embarrassment and requiring a fresh set a underwear and a throu cleaning of ur dick,balls,and ass this will usually happen at a resturant or in ur cat
Dude did u see frank shart last week it was so fucking funny dude
by wolfwind March 06, 2009