To Accidently Shit While Trying To Push Out A Fart..In Other Words To Gamble And Lose
Tony Was At The Park and A ilent But Deadly Wound Up Being A Shart
by Sabe 1 March 14, 2005
turds and farts spaced evenly out during a loose bowel movement
extremely funny for anyone close enough to hear it
i was pissing in the urinal and almost soaked my shoes when somebody taking a crap let loose with a solid minute of sharts!
by jr December 11, 2004
When you get the felling you have to fart, and when you do, a little shit comes out.
1. Dude, can we leave?
2. Why
1. I, uhh, well i sharted.
2. ohh haha ok lets go...
by EWW I SHARTED!!! April 18, 2010
1. When trying to force out a fart, you suddenly get more than you bargained for. Often this results in the need to immediately ditch your now-soiled underwear.

2. Trying to fart, but, instead, first you do it, then you say it.
While waiting for her mother to get out of the store, little Becky sharted in her car seat. Her mother drove all the way home wondering what the hell the smell was.

Joe was trying to force a fart when suddenly he sharted, and the place began to stink. "Oh shit, it's shit!" exclaimed Joe, as he ran out the side door to go home and change his underwear.
by Kalisiin June 10, 2010
Leakage which occurs when you have too much Taco Bell and you try to release some of the pressure.
Lisa let a big shart loose in the back seat of Alyssa's Prius.
by SICATCHALUP January 29, 2011
When you fart and a little bit of shit comes out much like. Used in the movie along came polly.
We got to go I just sharted.
by Sean February 23, 2005
To accidentally "shit yourself" when you fart.
Sorry man..... i think i Sharted myself.
by dvdsarescary July 26, 2010
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