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1. Literally: An instance of flatulence of an obnoxious order accompanied by moderate to severe anal leakage.
2. Euphemism, noun (see shit storm)
My brother Kyle unleashed a shart storm in his pants.
I'm in a shart storm of trouble for calling my boss a dick licker.
#shart #shit storm #pippo #montezuma's revenge #chocolate wind
by Gangsta Medic January 23, 2007
A sudden, burdensome amount.

Interchangeable with shitstorm but as a more polite term. Often used to describe a very large amount of something as a problem (or otherwise negatively) that arrived (or otherwise was made present) mostly at once.

Often, the supposed shartstorm will be due to an initial event that causes it, such as an idea that catches on fast once learned that it's allowed -- or a question is asked that is most certain to provoke loads of comments.

Many who find swearing unacceptable in their own speech, will use shartstorm as a technique to express the shitstorm concept more politely.
A: It sure is quiet today in the gift shop.
B: Just wait until the tour guides are finished -- then there'll be a shartstorm of guests.

Blog: Thanks for the submission to the blog, Reader A. We love submissions!
Blog Readers: We didn't know we could submit entries..
Blog: Yes! Please do!
Blog Reader A: inb4 shartstorm

Synonyms: Crapload, Assload, Pantsload, Buttload, Shitstorm
#shart #shitstorm #shit #inb4 #crapload
by thehomeland January 27, 2012
1. When living with multiple roommates in an apartment or house with one bathroom for everyone and all of the roommates have eaten fast-food. A shart-storm is the moment 20 minutes after food consumption when all occupants rush to the bathroom to take a shit and/or pee out their butt-holes.

2. Any hectic situation involving shitting.
1. Croix: This Taco Bell is really good.

Cranston: Yeah it's too bad that all four of us are eating it, this place is gonna be a category 4 "Shart- Storm" in about 20 minutes.

Croix: I hear that, I already feel as though I might pee out of my butt.
#storm #shit #shart #shartstorm #farts #butt-holes
by St.Croix4Life February 09, 2010
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