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1. a. That tentative, short-stepped walk from the urinal to the stall. b. A not-so-optimistic sliding of one's feet along the shortest imaginary line between a urinal and a stall so as to confirm or deny the presence of shart residue.

Pronunciation: \shärt shuffle\
Function: noun
Etymology: In Urban Detroit in the early 21st century, an unfortunate incident occurred in the non-executive restroom. The incident remained nameless for decency's sake until the victim of the aforementioned Shart ended up stuck in traffic that evening. Date: Late 2007
1. If I thought my day had been rough so far, I was in for a surprise as I shook my head and did the shart shuffle. Again.
2. There I was, five minutes before the big interview, doing the shart shuffle. Awesome.
by Randolph Scott November 06, 2007
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