Noun. A situation in which a person’s arm and shoulder are so flabby that they become one, creating a smooth curve where a marked angle should be. Similar to the calf and ankle becoming simply the cankle.
Linda’s shoulder has become so rounded that she no longer has a shoulder and an arm, simply a sharm.
by amgangel July 10, 2008
Top Definition
short and arms combined, making them sharms
Maddie:Hey ,Debbie can you hand me that pen over there?

Debbie: I can't reach it, I have sharms.
by singer201998 July 13, 2009
When ones arm is so fat that it blend into their shoulder
Look at that picture of me I got a serious Sharm situation going on
by Harold06 October 11, 2015
A normal sized person with arms abnormally short for their body. short arms = sharms
Wow, Loz really does have sharms doesn't she!
by LJ is spinkin June 12, 2007
when you arms are proportionately short for your body, considered a bad thing! SHort ARMS= SHARMS
I couldn't quite reach your penis cause I have sharms, sorry sucks for you!
by smithy sally January 23, 2008
an adjective describing an extra sweet brotha who attempts to be charming with the ladies, but comes off like a simp.
Look at that sharm-ass nigga usher, cryin on his album.
by Willie B-Man July 24, 2009
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