Someone from San Jose, aka shark city
Guy 1: Wuz sup sharky, u reppin dat sharky city?
Guy 2: You know it all day every day!
by LilChapinoG December 03, 2007
dangerous or sketchy. an adjective to describe a situation or someone in particular. something undesirable or scary.
Yo, this house pawwty is sharky, let's peace it.
by xCHiNO July 16, 2008
A complete and utter wanker.

Bob - Hey man, I'm just the best, no one can beat me, I am officially the greatest.

Dan - No Bob, you are a sharky.
by Scudbucket June 14, 2006
a person who denies ever saying that they would pay back money... and when they eventually do pay the money back (after many people getting pissed off) they wine and cry about it.
Bill: Hey Tod, when you gonna pay me back for all the gas money i but in your beast of a vehicle?
Tod: I never said i would pay you back, you gave me that money
Bill: Don't give me that bullshit, give me my money, and quit being sucha frickin sharky
by Kaylee July 07, 2004
1)a word for an orifice

2)A sexualy Transmited Disease

3)A word you say when Angry

4)Greek god of monkey love!

5)A leader of vampires
1)Hay get your dick out of my Sharky!

2)Rachel's Pussy was Bleeding they docter told her she had been sharkyed

3)Fuck and Bugger Sharky!

4)Bob Stop licking that Munkeys Nuts!
You will piss off the great Sharky

5)4ll F3ar t3h Sh4rky
by ... Sharky June 22, 2004
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