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A sexy spanish man that can make love to a woman just by looking at her with his brown eyes and devilish smile.
Sharky looked at the girl across the bar and she instantly came when he smiled at her.
by smjbabyloveU2 April 25, 2009
A very horny guy whose dick is way smaller than he brags about.
Hey Sharky, you're so small you need two to make a difference!

That black man is a Sharky
by youbitchsstolemyname! January 29, 2012
someone who has eyes that are too far apart like a hammerhead shark.
shes too sharky! i cant tell who shes looking at
by marymmm48 December 04, 2010
Someone who has sex with African girls, usually African mothers.
Fuckin Sharky, did it again.
by RelliT123 February 13, 2010
Someone who leads somone on, as if to lead to a relationship or something close to it, but then just drops them.
1. That girl is such a sharky!

2. "Can we just be friends?"

"AHHH, don't shark me!"

3. HAHAHAHA, you just got sharked!
by ferrrrrne June 16, 2009
a variation of the shocker but uses the thumb for clitoral stimulation
see shocker definition
by M-HO March 10, 2005
a large bump in a girl's ponytail
when hair in a girls ponytail sticks up, resembling a fin
"Hey look at her sharky, she needs to redo her hair!"
by Jane Brown November 01, 2005
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