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A one-man joke hardcore band who writes about straightedge kids, yelling at his mom, being dinosaur brocore, and eating taco bell.
Have you heard that tight song Dinocore by Sharkpunch? It makes my nuts jiggle.
by Brocore June 10, 2006
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A powerful and explosive uppercut delivered to the an unsuspecting females vagina from below.

(This uppercut tries to duplicate hunting patterns of the Great White Sharks off of Seal Island in Southern Africa. Where the sharks have learned to wait for prey in the murky depths, then they swim upward at great speeds, slamming into it's prey sending it dazed up several feet into air.)
Dude, I never saw that "Shark Punch" coming and I don't think her vagina saw it either.

Shelia flopped around like a dying seal after her cooze got "Shark Punched"!
by Da Mad M September 08, 2010
When you uppercut a girl's pussy out of no where like when a shark pops out of the water.
"If you dont shut up ill shark punch you bitch!"
by cale and austin February 09, 2008
Used in mostly moshcore and metalcore genres. Pretty much a hammer on or quick slide (usually a 1/32nd or 1/16th note) using two dissonant chords (7ths and 2nds for all you theory fanatics).

For example (in guitar tab):

C Tuning

(shark punch)

scene kid 1: dude that shark punch was so fucking brutal.
scene kid 2: omfg this band is on myspace
metal kid: stfu nubz animosity 4 LYFE.
by OMFG SCENE TACHNO May 27, 2008

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