To have sexual intercourse vigorously.
1. "Shark me hard!!"
2. "Don't bother me I'm sharking my significant other!"
by Tumn April 03, 2009
A term used by members of the Tailhook Association to describe the act of biting a woman's rump through her clothes.
That new female pilot experienced a lot of sharking at the Vegas convention.
by England phi beta gamma April 10, 2008
The act of sticking your penis, commonly known as cock, into someone else's ear. This should be, but is not necessarily, a surprise act.
The act of sharking is strongly frowned upon in some societies.

I just decided to fucking shark that bitch.

That mother-fucker just sharked me!
by Sharkmeister AKA Kakashi February 23, 2009
To engage in overt attempts at procuring a partner of the opposite sex. One can accuse a colleague of sharking by putting your upright, straight hand up to and at right angles to to your nose and forehead, and weaving your head from side-to-side, as if one were a shark in the murky depths.
Billy: (over loud music of club) Quit sharking Tom, you're making a scene, and putting off the girls.
Tom: I can't help it, I haven't had a wank in over a week, and I'll fuck anything tonight.
by Orange Guber October 08, 2003
When a guy is very obviously chatting up a girl, it can be referred to as sharking, and be accompanied by the hand gesture (a shark's fin above your head with your hand. The hand gesture can also be used alone, oh so slyly... When a girl is sharking a guy, this is known as reverse sharking, and the gesture changes to a rotating hand, or you could say "R E V E R S E" (a la Holly Valance in those adverts).
That guy was SOOOO sharkin' you then...
by JK August 03, 2004
The act of inserting three fingers into a vagina, your pinky into the anus and your thumb pointing up (shark fin ergo sharking). This maneuver is only official if the subject hums the Jaws theme. duh...duh...duh..duh.duh.duh
I was sharking Gen until I caught a dingleberry on my pinkie.
by TG28 November 01, 2006
Trolling through a parking lot/garage hunting for a pedestrian headed towards a car parked in a good space.
"I almost took that space back there but I continued sharking that soccer mom and got 20 spots closer."
by Steve Capstick June 27, 2006

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