When one sticks two to three fingers forcefully up someones butt to inflict pain.
Matt and Sam were sharking Justin so bad he began to bleed.
by Imperatore May 10, 2011
While a female is giving a male oral sex and her teeth rubs against the males penis. Very unpleasurable.
Hey bro, i got my dick sucked by that girl the other night and i didn't really like it." "Why? Was she sharking?!
by Lancedapants August 25, 2010
Sharking is a parking phenomenon where a group of people in vehicles circle a completely full parking lot in an attempt to take the first spot someone else vacates.

The end result is a line of vehicles circling around a parking lot, much like sharks in the movies.
"This parking lot is full."
"How do you know?"
"Do you see all the people sharking for spots?"
"I guess we're gonna have to park at the strip mall a block away."
by Remy September 03, 2009
When a puppy or dog consistently bites or chews objects or human extremeties, often to the annoyance of the dog's owner. Usually a result of a young pup who is teething.
"Spike" is always sharking my fingers!
Hey Spot! Stop sharking!
by Uncle Litzy May 18, 2010
Driving a convertible with only the rear half windows up.
That guy looks ridiculous sharking around in his convertible.
by Vettester Charlie January 15, 2010
When someone "sharks" someone, they are intending to go somewhere with them (usually a party) and attempt to pull them.
"Look, ben is sharking that girl again"
by Peers July 10, 2008
Surprise!!, it has nothing to do with guys stalking and/or doing sexually deviate things to women/girls.

the act your dog performs when he/she pokes you with their snout (usually under your arm) when they want your attention
Damian: Dude, what's your dog doing with his nose, I'm trying to watch the game..??
Chucky: He's sharking you. He wants you to throw his toy for him.
Damian: Yeah, well, if he does it again, I'm gonna throw a harpoon at his sharky Amityville ass.....
by sheepdog1982 February 09, 2010

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