when you slowly drive around angrily looking for a parking spot; preferably driving around in circles in a parking lot
"I spent 20 minutes sharking today! it was freaking ridiculous!"
by moxxie13 March 01, 2012
When a man cuddles up with his sleeping partner and pokes him/her/it with his erect penis.
Martin kept sharking me awake.
by wiffizzle May 05, 2009
The act of committing to an event, meeting or gathering, then subsequently not showing up to that event.
"James said he was coming to the movie but he is still not here.....He must be sharking it"
by The Big Fella October 24, 2012
another word for trying it one with someone, playing the field, gettin' your swagger on. Commonly a gesture where you hold your hand up to your nose shaped like a fin.
You sharking emily??
by yoyoyoyoyoy12345 August 31, 2010
Sharking is the technique with which one seeks out a sexual partner or "shark bait". When you see someone you would like to shark "putting on your fin" is the term used. This is imitating a shark fin on your head.

When a shark has been initiated another sharker cannot go for the same shark bait.
Katlin: "I've just seen a really hot man, I'm totally sharking him tonight....."
Colette: "Damn"
Wasfi: "Mate, this place is totally full of shark bait, my fin is on"
by Sharkers August 07, 2010
To sneak up on an unsuspecting woman in public or on the train and ejaculate on her. Popular in Japan.
I saw a video of sharking and half of it was the woman cleaning her hair, until she got sharked again.
by mikeydangerous May 05, 2009
When one sticks two to three fingers forcefully up someones butt to inflict pain.
Matt and Sam were sharking Justin so bad he began to bleed.
by Sirota May 10, 2011

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