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A term that describes tirelessly trying to hit on someone who is either drunk, or recently gotten out of a relationship.
A: Did you hear that Adam and Laura broke up?
B: Yeah, and now Tom won't leave her alone!
A: Aw, man. He's definitely sharking. We should warn her.
by thelobotomist April 30, 2011
To sneak up behind someone wearing a hoodie, then inverting the hood on said hoodie, thus making it appear as though the person now has a shark fin on their back.

This can then be accompanied with shouts of 'SHARKED! SHARKED!' at the victim while simulating a shark fin on your own forehead.

You can also mock them further by, for example asking 'what is your favourite film?' and then hilariously answering it yourself with the response 'JAWS?!'

Sharking was invented by Tom Brown in 2010.

'Let's go sharking!'
by The Bantersaurus Rex November 08, 2011
The act of sending a friend request to a anonymous female on facebook or any other networking site (preferably a female you do not know) and either;

Engaging into conversation with them.
Successfully getting there number.
Arranging a time and place to officially meet.

A true shark, is one who meets a random over facebook, and has sexual intercourse with them.
Example is conversation after a shark (Sharking) has recieved a notification saying 'X accepted your friend request'

Female - Hey, do i know you?
Male - Na, just a random add, you seemed like a nice girl to talk to!
Female - Ahahah thanks, you ok?
by The_Real_Mcoy August 22, 2011
The act of flipping an unsuspecting person's inner tube (as they are in the seated position), most commonly performed in the lazy river or wave pool.
Girl #1: Did you see those dudes sharking those old people in the lazy river?

Girl #2: Yeah, I saw a couple of them doing somersaults.
by Popizzle August 22, 2011
The act of committing to an event, meeting or gathering, then subsequently not showing up to that event.
"James said he was coming to the movie but he is still not here.....He must be sharking it"
by The Big Fella October 24, 2012
when you slowly drive around angrily looking for a parking spot; preferably driving around in circles in a parking lot
"I spent 20 minutes sharking today! it was freaking ridiculous!"
by moxxie13 March 01, 2012
another word for trying it one with someone, playing the field, gettin' your swagger on. Commonly a gesture where you hold your hand up to your nose shaped like a fin.
You sharking emily??
by yoyoyoyoyoy12345 August 31, 2010