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The act of persistently messaging, or continuously following a female. Resulting in the eventual surrender, and subsequent sympathy shag/kiss to rid her of the human nightmare which haunts her. Sometimes executed in a drunk state, and not uncommonly used in nightclubs.

Originally coined from the somewhat successful tactic used by the notorious Andrew Goudie; receiving a number of kisses, and shags as a result of this universally frowned upon method of sharking.
"This boy wouldn't leave me alone last night! So I had to get with him to get him to fuck off!" - Girl
"Oh he was definitely sharking you then!" - Boy


"What happened to you last night Karina? - Boy
"That boy had so little chat he had to resort to using The Andrew Goudie Tactic." - Karina
"Oh you poor poor person!" - Boy
by Natalie Belbin May 26, 2014
Guys who are devoted to persuing the oppostie sex. They are always on the prowl and scoppin new prey. Doesn't matter age if you look good to a shark your getting hunted. As soon as you are in view of a shark your fair game. Doesn't matter if you have a boyfriend, we'll tell you about our math test, something to cheat on. The way sharks hunt is beautiful and majestic. Fins up sharks. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP
Shark 1: Dude what happened last night? I lost you at that party.
Shark 2: Sorry man, I was sharking.
Shark 1: Man we are always sharking. So how was that blonde you were talking too
Shark 2: She's alright her friends a better kisser.
by OriginalShark November 24, 2011
Shit parking. Same etymology as sharting for a wet fart.
She abandoned that Prius half way on the pavement. First class sharking.
by Supreme Oversight June 24, 2014
(v) Recently discovered, the Universal Studios shark from the Jaws tourist photo op has the ability for skilled annual pass holders to go inside the shark for their photo. Most tourists will stop and go "ooooh!!!" since the majority of people stick their head into the shark or stand next to it. Inspired by a photo of Steven Speilberg in a shark (named after his lawyer, Bruce) a super cool annual pass holder known only as "nutterbutter" started the trend in 2009.

To "shark" one must go inside the shark with their legs in the mouth and hang upside down. This is an alternative to planking.
Tourist: Oh look let's take ze picture vith ze shark! Oh oh ohhh!! look ze girl iz in ze shark!!

Girl: I'm sharking!!!
by Nutterbutterxx December 09, 2011
Popularised by 'Questionable Content' cartoonist Jeff Jacques in comic #1397, sharking is the act of pressing ones' erect penis against the side of a sleeping partner.
"Marten kept sharking me awake."

""Sharking" you?"

"You know how sometimes if you're sleepin' with a guy he'll snuggle up to you and you feel something poking you in the side?
That's the Boner Shark."
by Cold Chicken Sandwich May 05, 2009
The act of keeping yourself moving or busy in order to stay awake and alert when you're very tired: Just as a shark needs to keep moving to keep breathing, you need to keep moving to stay awake and alert - otherwise you would go quiet and start to droop and slouch as tiredness sets in. Thrashing onwards like a shark will fight off the tiredness.
"I've been sharking all day today. I'm so tired but it had to be done."

"I sharked for the entire day today! I really hope I can get to sleep earlier tonight...."

"Sharking is hard. I'm tired. Someone slap me, please."
by SharkingForTheWin January 26, 2014
Doing a backstroke with a boner.
Did you see Greg swimming with a protruding boner? He was totally sharking it!
by seanskiski July 04, 2014