A term used by members of the Tailhook Association to describe the act of biting a woman's rump through her clothes.
That new female pilot experienced a lot of sharking at the Vegas convention.
by England phi beta gamma April 10, 2008
One's relentless circling of the perimeter of a party in pursuit of sexual encounters, repetitive in nature. The shark finally works up the confidence to approach, but those inside the party act as seals, darting away when the shark finally makes entry.

Some sharks have especially weird fetishes, and approach only upon smelling blood.
After sharking for hours, Alden finally broke through murky waters to snatch Alex, but she had fake tits.
by findingnemo September 15, 2013
The act of keeping yourself moving or busy in order to stay awake and alert when you're very tired: Just as a shark needs to keep moving to keep breathing, you need to keep moving to stay awake and alert - otherwise you would go quiet and start to droop and slouch as tiredness sets in. Thrashing onwards like a shark will fight off the tiredness.
"I've been sharking all day today. I'm so tired but it had to be done."

"I sharked for the entire day today! I really hope I can get to sleep earlier tonight...."

"Sharking is hard. I'm tired. Someone slap me, please."
by SharkingForTheWin January 26, 2014
The figure of eight motion the cat makes around your legs when it's waiting to be fed. The cat is circling your legs to stop you escaping until it has been fed, whilst herding you towards the food.

Sharking kills more people per year than real sharks.
"The damn cat is sharking the shit out of me"

"Look out, the cat's sharking"
by Word Messiah August 28, 2014
Guys who are devoted to persuing the oppostie sex. They are always on the prowl and scoppin new prey. Doesn't matter age if you look good to a shark your getting hunted. As soon as you are in view of a shark your fair game. Doesn't matter if you have a boyfriend, we'll tell you about our math test, something to cheat on. The way sharks hunt is beautiful and majestic. Fins up sharks. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP
Shark 1: Dude what happened last night? I lost you at that party.
Shark 2: Sorry man, I was sharking.
Shark 1: Man we are always sharking. So how was that blonde you were talking too
Shark 2: She's alright her friends a better kisser.
by OriginalShark November 24, 2011
The act of hunting down the exact same person and repeatedly killing/attacking them in online multiplayer games. "Sharkers" if you will are stubborn, annoying, hackers, and determined to make a certain players life as miserable as fucking possible. Sharkers dwell in first person games such as: The Halo series, Team Fortress 2, Any Call Of Duty game, and Any Battlefield game. How to deal with them: Don't bother fighting them, they will use incredibly cheap tactics, camping, cheats (mods/console commands), and hunting in packs on rare occasion. don't reason with him/her/them because they will probably just make a cheap comment like: Get wreked n00b, MLG biches. usually you can just get people to kick them off the server, but if the sharker hacks the server to remove kicking players or kicking players just isn't allowed. plan A, report said player, send sharker the link of this page and call him out on it, when confronted by enough people, theyshould scurry back to their moms basement. plan B, just leave, yes I know its the biggest kick in the metaphorical balls called your ego, but its better than giving the fagola the joy of constantly sharking.
D1DURM0M(Sharker): get rekt m8 cant handle zeez zkillz n0ob

CALLODUTYFAN45: guys I need help this player is sharking and I cant kick him.


*player D1DURM0M left the game (kicked from server for sharking)*

by the hash slinger slashingsher March 12, 2015
Shit parking. Same etymology as sharting for a wet fart.
She abandoned that Prius half way on the pavement. First class sharking.
by Supreme Oversight June 24, 2014
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