when a women who is in a swimming pool is surrounded by a group of men who then proceed to molest her sexaully simulating a shark attack
a group of men surrounded the 17yr old girl while she was in the swimming pool and proceeded to tear off her swim suit simulating a shark attack therefore known as sharking.once swim suit is torn off the men hold her one man fingering her arse two other sucking squeezing her boobs while another penetartes her vagina..each man interchanging his role over a period of time..while the subject women thrashes about in the water like the victim of a shark attack
by tyronne August 27, 2006
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To pull a girl's panties down in public, usually when she's wearing a short skirt. Very popular in Japan.
Did you see that sharking video from Japan? That girl was pretty shocked but everyone saw her ass!
by Douglas Goldstein February 17, 2005
The practice that is popular in Japan that involves the pulling down of unsuspecting women's tops in public exposing their breasts, known as "topsharking", whereas "lowsharking" involves the pulling down down of unsuspecting women's panties in public.
Wow, did you see the sharking of that young girl? Her boobs were totally exposed to the public!
by bobbyrice January 11, 2007
when someone (usually a male), is pursuing someone of the opposite sex tirelessly
I stopped sharking a minute to get chips n drinks
by Crotch July 12, 2004
To forcefully pull a woman's skirt up/blouse off, without her consent, to expose her womanhood. Typically filmed with perpetrators face blurred.

-Skirt sharking is extremely popular in Japan whereas blouse sharking is prominent in parts of Europe.
Hey, I saw this really disturbing video online the other day, it's called sharking and all these guys do is run around and rip women's clothing off. You feel bad for these girls...but so good???

Example: do a "Google" for "japanese skirt shark"
by MaudsClaud February 24, 2010
Sharking is a theory developed to do with the coming on to a guy or girl. Sharks hunt alone and stay away from dolphins which are in packs. They have the killer instinct and so know how to seal the deal. The Basking shark is someone who is only learning the skills, the hammerhead is someone that goes in head first and yet still somehow manages to score. The great white is something of beauty, what they do is almost a vision to watch as they always get what they want, never get rejected and yet do it with finesse. Its something that can only be taught to a certain extent, everyone has the killer instinct, they just need to learn how to use it!!!
Heather is out sharking again, she's totally going to shark John tonight....poor guy isn't going to know what hit him!
by greatwhitesharker March 23, 2011
Secretly filming women whilst raising their skirts and pulling down their underwear. It originated in Japan but has now spread to Europe. reverse Sharking describes the pulling down of women's top garments.
Did you see those sharking vids?
by TaxInspector January 20, 2009
One's relentless circling of the perimeter of a party in pursuit of sexual encounters, repetitive in nature. The shark finally works up the confidence to approach, but those inside the party act as seals, darting away when the shark finally makes entry.

Some sharks have especially weird fetishes, and approach only upon smelling blood.
After sharking for hours, Alden finally broke through murky waters to snatch Alex, but she had fake tits.
by findingnemo September 15, 2013

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