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Hawaiian Pidgin term for Mainland haoles on vacation because they are so pale they attract sharks. Actually pronounnced SHAWK BAIT.
Eh, I no go surf today. Too much shark bait in da water.
by MDHKAUAI September 25, 2006
Pale, white tourists in a tropical area.
- they can be fed to the sharks

Used more often in small Hawaiian towns.
Ike: Mann, check out the sharkbait by the Foot Locker

Kai: They're whiter than Paris Hilton!
by MackPC March 04, 2010
When a woman is on her period and masturbates in the tub, leaving a red cloud in the water. Also sharkbate, a play on masturbate.
I was horny and on my period, so I did a sharkbait in the tub because I didn't want to wash my sheets.
by Fun in ABQ August 30, 2016
big dick; someone who is well endowed.

To catch a shark, you need large bait (night crawlers do not cut it in the deep blue sea). To catch a girl, large bait helps too. =)
Ericka was with Steve last night, she said he was hella sharkbait.
by E. Lapeyrollerie May 11, 2009
1)the journeyman stage of the shovelman union
2)one who has at one time in life had a hand of blue
4)one who is known to frequent the local car wash hoping to see his deadbeat pal and get a free wash.
1)hey lets make that neckbone over there dig us a hole! No way man have shark bait do it.
2)Hey you damn kids stop shark baiting my car wash.
by notorious 007 July 16, 2004
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