The art of tucking ones junk in the upward position exposing a portion above the belt line.
Did you see how hot the substitute teacher was? Yeah dude I had a shark fin all class.
by Goodmag July 09, 2013
Top Definition
Term derived from Jaws which refers to a womens clitoris that is engorged, peeking out of the labia refering to Jaws fin out of water.
that bitch over there had a huge shark fin.
by IVIunchy January 01, 2005
a blowjob given from the back by tucking the penis behind your legs.
"I pulled my junk behind legs and she gave me a shark fin"
by captain donkey punch May 17, 2010
Taking a line of cocaine off a great white shark's fin.

Since eating great white shark provides a good adrenaline rush, and so does doing lines of cocaine, doing a line of cocaine off a great white proves a Epinephrine shock.
Hey Sean, instead of a spiff, how about a SharkFin?

I'm already on top of that, took one this morning.

Bro, where was the invite?

My phone ran out of battery and I had no charger.
by El Sol del Nino May 21, 2014
To uppercut someone wearing a hoodie from behind, causing the hood to turn inside out. The resulting "fin" is flattened, and stood up straight.
LOL, Chicklette! You got shark finned!
by K Stizzokes December 11, 2006
Inserting a hand (or hands) into a persons orifice. The hand must be oriented in a manner that the four fingers lay on top of each other for the "insertion". The thumb points upward to resemble a sharks fin.
Dick and Fanny were having some quiet time. Fanny grew excited, resulting in Dick delivering a "Shark Fin".
by jama76 October 11, 2011
A woman that has breasts that sag downward to a point with a curve that closely resembles the shape of a shark fin.
Guy 1: Dude check out the ass on that one.

Guy 2: (scoff)take a better look its shark fin.

Guy 1: You gotta be shitting me....(takes a second to notice)FUCK! Stab my eyes out with a pen.
by c.u. student March 18, 2008

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